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Beki Gonzalez
Beki Gonzalez

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Hello World!

Hi fellow techies and programmers!

I'm Beki, a programmer that started her journey back in April of 2020, near the beginning of the pandemic. I was sitting at the reception desk when the company told me I became laid off in March. I was deemed to be nonessential. I cried hard that day and the next.

Sad character sitting out in the rain

I told myself I needed to get up and back at it. The thing is, I didn't want to go back to my previous career as an administrative assistant. I had dabbled HTML and CSS before and took a leap of faith when I joined a certificate program. After finishing the program in October, I went from reception to be one of the cohort's top students.

Girl celebrating

Now post-certificate and back in the job hunt as a new programmer. I want to share my findings and build knowledge with the community! (First-time blogger here so please be gentle XD)

See you around!

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