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Is Web 3.0 legit? 🤔

Let’s start from the beginning of the Web itself.

🐣 Web 1.0 - static web.

This was the earliest stage of the internet. It contained limited information where no algorithms used to find relevant content.

🐔 Web 2.0 - social web.

It solved the Web 1.0 drawbacks, and give the user opportunity to create and edit the content. Which also lead to the bigger problem, where Evil corps (MANGA) took advantage of it and breached the user’s private informations.

🦄 Web 3.0 - decentralized web.

It solves the privacy issues and is expected to be more interactive than Web 2.0. It’s not stable yet but has the potential to take off.

What is included in Web 3.0? 🤔

🌐 Semantic Web

It already exists. If you listen to Lewis Capaldi or Sam Smith on Spotify, you’ll probably going to see Dermot Kennedy or James Bay on your list the next morning. Their songs categorized as Soft Pop hits and turned into machine readable data. This is how semantic web works.

🤖 Machine Learning

The way semantic web organized is going to be handled by AI itself. Plus, Web 3.0 content will be less biased and junk-free. You won’t be able to increase page rank or buy reviews for a few bucks. Unrelated or biased content will be diminished by bots. This is the most beneficial and amazing part for everyone of us.

🪐 Metaverse

It gives the user access to everything without the need to connect to smartphones or computers. Your Instagram profile pic turns into a virtual metaverse profile pic and represents you. You can sign documents, attend meetings like before but in a new 3D virtual environment. Yes, it will be a huuuge mess. Social debates about virtual life and real life will be out there for a long time. You can’t stop the progress, can you?

🧩 Blockchain and smart contracts

This is legit. The new web can be almost unhackable and privacy focused. You’ll still see the relevant cat videos but your data always stays in your pocket. Your medical records, passport or ID cards will be included in the blockchain which provides the real safety and control. Cryptocurrency, NFT, DeFi also part of that.

What skills will pay my bills? 🤔

Please, don’t. I know what you’re thinking at this point. You don’t have to stop whatever you’re good at and start learning Solidity, Python, Unity or so on. Trends come and go. Php never died. There are people who still get paid for Matlab. Kotlin hasn’t replaced Java yet.

You should just consider learning those Web 3.0 technologies in your free time. I don’t like audacious goals, I like steady and long lasting small changes. If you’re good at any of the programming language, then transition won’t be a problem. 😉

👉 Recap:

Web 3.0 is legit. Get prepared for the next big thing.


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