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Discussion on: How do non-native English speakers cope with language specific concepts (they learnt in English) in their mother tongue?

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Franco Traversaro

In Italy we have translation for basically every technical term, and often textbooks use the Italian form. Unfortunately italian words are normally longer than the original ones, so when talking we normally use the english forms. The result is, grammatically speaking, terrible, because we tend to apply Italian grammar rules to foreign words, even if the grammar itself states that foreign words are invariants. Italian people don't cope well with rules 🤔

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Stephanie Handsteiner

Same in German, we call that Denglis(c)h (a portmanteau of Deutsch and Englis(c)h).

There even is a fun GitHub-Repo Deppendrehkreuzlagerstätte with translated terms for Git(Hub).

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Arsam Sarabi

Same in Persian. I think the same goes for every language tbh 😅

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Or Orsatti

Same in Hebrew. I can use translated words when we are discussing about programming, but it sounds Silly. So, we just build a sloppy sentence with Hebrew and English words. Even more annoying when you need to write something, because Hebrew is rtl

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Alessandro Benoit

Hi Franco, to have a laugh, between the worst I heard:

  • Fork a repo : Forkare la repo
  • Add me on Skype : Addami su Skype
  • Create a docker image: Dockerizzare
  • Kill the process: Killare il processo