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Reviving the parser service in Telescope

This week is the last one before we wrap up Telescope version 2.7, and I couldn't be more surprised with what I achieved...

While I haven't finished a particular issue, I did work on a couple of smaller ones, like #2906 and #2904. Instead, most of the work I did today was working on a review on a really big PR. 😁

The Parser service

Let me tell a short story about the Parser service.

When Telescope shipped in the 2.0 release, it moved its monolithic infrastructure into microservices, but there were still remains of the old infrastructure since the rewriting of the system couldn't make it to the release. This is where the parser service comes into play.💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

The parser service was supposed to be the one in charge of doing the most important part of Telescope: aggregating the feed posts into a database so that they could be read by other microservices. The keyword here is was! The parser service stayed on a frozen-like state, where no progress was being made due to how big the change was, and how crucial it was to the whole infrastructure. This is the reason why Telescope ended up having to keep its legacy backend infrastructure, as a way to not freeze progress on other aspect of the proyect.

Well, that is no more the case until [TueeNguyen](( decided to work on this task. He created a PR that took the biggest step for this migration of the infrastructure. He requested several Telescope members to review his work, and I was one of them.

(Great job, Tue!!:D)

No pain, no gain!

If I had to be honest, I was somewhat intimidated by the PR. Over 1k line changes that went over 30 or more files, how could I actually review something like this? 🙈☠😱🤯🤯

Well, since I wanted to provide as much feedback as I could, I went through the entire changes...

Yeah, you heard me right, I went through the entire parser service, reading each file until I had an idea of what each thing did.

This is probably the most amount of work I ever put into a review, and I am somewhat satisfied being able to understand the parser service a little bit more.😋😋 I also run the program with the changes and I made sure that it run just fine. I had a couple of issues that I am not really sure if they are related, but it seems to be working as fine as the legacy back-end!🤩💃

I'm going to cross my fingers that the PR passes review and we end up with the parser service working for release 2.7! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Pray for us!!

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