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Writing has made me so much more confident as a developer. People kind of think you have to be confident as a developer to get into writing but it definitely works in reverse. I mean I got so into it I started It's amazing how necessary it is for our ecosystem, and therefor the world.

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"People kind of think you have to be confident as a developer to get into writing but it definitely works in reverse."
It's like I used to always tell my fashion-challenged roommate before he started dressing well! (he was heading towards law school, it was my duty to get him looking a little more fly!)
He would pick up a cool piece of clothing on a shopping trip, and I would immediately identify it as the dopest piece that he got, while he would always have it pinned as the one he probably wants to return cause he felt like a poser wearing it. I told him that literally fake it till you make it! It's not universal, but it's pretty close. I said just wear the clothes and feel like a dork that everyone is laughing at for like 3 days and then for the rest of your life you'll be confident wearing that type of style or item.
example: i dressed very very autism spectrum-y when I was young. (there is a simple explanation for this. lol) I ordered a pair of skinny jeans on accident, SUPER SKINNY, and since I was broke as hell I decided to wear them anyway even though it felt like a pants-shaped rubberband.
I can't think of how many pairs of skinnys I've just worn through til they're raw.
Now apply that to everything! Besides idk nuclear engineering
edit: just realized, i could totally write a post based on this. lol.


100% this. I am always commenting that I had a close friend of mine's confidence in putting stuff out there.


The problem is people only ever want to engage on nontechnical topics (like this). I have 236 followers on this website and i've talked to like 3 of them. The engagement is super shallow and I want to engage on technical topics. I dont know why but Spectrum and Twitter have been far better for technical engagement than If I were Ben I would be worried.


I agree with your assessment, but I think we're making some really solid strides in this regard. It may not be super clear yet. By the way Shawn I got your Twitter DM on this subject. It's all super well-received and sorry I never got back to you.

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