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Discussion on: Special Announcement From the DEV Founders

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Ben Halpern Author

It is a great feeling.

The idea to start the project really came from a moment of clarity, like... "whoa Ben, slow down and build something you care about."

I explicitly gave myself a ten year window for success, rather than feeling I had to make it work over night and get burnt out if it didn't. I also slowed down and didn't just work with the first people to show interest. Having @jess and @peter as co-founders is really the perfect group for us. I can't imagine trying to go this on my own and I can't imagine doing it with just one of them as co-founder.

We also have folks on our team who are just sooo bought in. The fact that we have made support, moderation and safety such an important priority is not strictly top down direction. We have folks on the team who really really really empathize with our members and I really couldn't imagine doing it any other way.

So yeah, we're enjoying it, even though it can definitely be stressful at times too.