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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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What are your ambitions?

Career, personal, otherwise. What are you, in general, striving for?

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Tim Downey


  • Make enough money to be comfortable
  • Continue to have health insurance
  • Not stagnate

This year:
At the beginning of the year I blogged about some goals I want to achieve in 2020. Things have changed since January, but for the most part they remain the same.

  • Get better at the Go programming language
  • Get better at Kubernetes
  • Learn more about distributed systems
  • Get healthier physically
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Fayaz Ahmed

Make independent projects which earn as much as my full-time salary.

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Ben Halpern

What's your most successful project so far?

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Fayaz Ahmed • Edited

Well there's &, I tried sponsors & ads, didn't work as expected.

Found a unusual way of monetising them, I sell the source code of these projects.

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Do you get offers or do you go find buyers?

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Vesa Piittinen

My current professional trend seems to be "Fixing company ecommerce sites which have complex legacy issues."

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Ravi Krishnappa

Can you rank top 10 issues that must be addressed?

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Christina Gorton

Finding a good balance between learning for work and enjoying hobbies outside of tech.

Build community both in my day to day work and outside of work.

Make enough money to take care of my family, help out friends and give generously to strangers.

Within the next year or 2, I would like to put out a few more courses and write an ebook.

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Mike Bybee

world domination

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Generally speaking, my goals are:

  • Being part of great teams that work on projects that improve people's lives.
  • Continue a life based on the philosophy of the minimalist.
  • Travel more, I want to become a digital nomad.
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Ethan Toney


  • Find a paying job as I'm out of clients (and find more clients)
  • Dive deeper into back-end dev with PHP and NodeJS
  • Dive deeper into Javascript and React/React Native
  • Become a better designer


  • Figure out American visa/immigration laws to get my gf to the USA
  • Write more articles and books
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Andrew Baisden


  • Build up my professional network
  • Get a good paying developer job
  • Become proficient using the MERN stack
  • Continue blogging


  • Improve my health
  • Become more self sufficient
  • Build up my friend network
  • Increase positivity
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Write a novel. I have already started and gradually working on the story. If it goes well, I would like to make short storybooks for kids with drawings that carry timeless lessons.

At the same time, I want to keep improving as an engineer and learn more about natural language processing.

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Jérémie Astor

More than all, I want to tour with a conference-concert where I talk about Gwion, the use of machine learning algorithms in music and play/improvise some stuff (be it guitar, violin or voice).

I'd also like to lead a power trio where we can play some (probably more simple) tunes of mines.

Of course, I'd like to get more success with my current bands (by success, I just mean getting more gigs, I don't mind the fame 😄).

Last but not least, I wish Gwion can have a team for it's development and the community it deserves.

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Mike Bybee

Adding my own SaaS product(s) to my existing startup building things for startups.

Oh, and seeking life as it can and ought to be, always.

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I want to build a community just like Dev but in Latin America. We are in desperate need of something like this where people can come together, share knowledge and build great connections that can last a lifetime

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For my career, I want to continue developing (ha ha, but seriously, no pun intended XD) my software engineering and testing skills. After a couple years, I want to get more seriously into software design/architecture as a job rather than just a side interest. I haven't really thought much about after that, but I bet the world looks completely different by the time I've reached that. 😄

As for personal, I want to start losing weight this year and continue on the healthy path for as long as I can manage. Already started with eating more clean since graduation. After my vacation I want to pick up swimming again to get my ass moving and working again just like in my old days.

As for personal 2.0 I want to continue being curious to everything software and somewhere in the future create/finish a working OS from scratch. But still got lots of learning to do between now and then before I can really get my hands dirty and give myself headaches.

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  • Create something really useful
  • Keep up with modern Frontend development/design trends
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Alessandro Magionami

I would like to work or, even better, realize something useful for other developers. It doesn't have to be my main job, but It would be great.