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re: Selenium is not a framework. It's a library and\or tool which gives you an access. It's a finished thing for end user. It's a difference. Page Obj...

Your reply is pretty offensive. I made no assumptions about who you were or your experience level. I'll leave it at that and get back to talking about code.

1 Whether or not Selenium is a framework, I don't care. The wikipedia entry for it says it is. Some people say it's not.

2 You specifically in your original post say "custom page object based framework" and "NUnit (or other test framework)" - that's all I was pointing out. You like your tools and others like their tools. They're just tools for accomplishing a goal. Your way is not "right" nor is mine. As long as they get the job done, who cares.

3 E2E tests ARE about the user experience and not about your code. If a user should care that data is structured in a certain way (say a table, or a data row, or some 3rd party data structure yet to come out) then test that behavior. Don't test the implementation details. If a user should be able to sort data - test that. If a user should be able to filter data - test that. If you're abstracting that behind a Page Object - great! It's one way to abstract things.

Users don't know about code. They don't know that a Dashboard object is being opened. They enter URLs and click links.

I don't care how you write tests as long as they are fast and give you the confidence that your application is working.

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