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Discussion on: When do you work on your side projects?

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Bernard Baker

I work on my side projects all the time ❤️. If I find an hour spare I might research, develop, explore a new feature 🧐.

If a side project isn't going to be monetized 🥺 then it gets saved as a browser tab. I do tend to periodically go through my tabs and continue from where I left off.

I just completed an MLP for a client and I'm growing my service offerings. I've schedule 2 calls today which both relate to side projects.

I just finished some research on the jam stack. My question wasn't answered. And and I'm considering whether the jam stack is the appropriate framework to use.

I organise my time just like anybody else 🤸 a to-do list, github issues, a calendar. But no notepad no post it notes, I go for a more eco-friendly approach and keep things digital.

Just as I'm writing this one of the people that I needed to speak to on a call has rescheduled to tomorrow the same time 🧘.

So now with that time spare, an hour, I find myself thinking about another side project which is a Flutter project, not founded by myself but as I've volunteered to help... I wonder if I should go about implementing a new feature that is needed.

I opted to charge my 🔋.