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Discussion on: What are your computer’s specs? Which specs are particularly important to you?

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Bernard Notarianni

I would like to updgrade my monitor.
I am hesitating between those scenarios:

  1. two (or maybe more?) large screens
  2. one extra large curved screen

What do you think?

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Thomas C. Haflich

Personally I'm not a fan of the extra-large curved screens, something about them just seems a bit "off" to my eye. I will very readily admit to that being personal preference and not an objective fact. I also like to have one monitor in portrait mode for code. Multi-monitor setups also tend to be more efficient in terms of "pixel-area per dollar", but this is obviously dependent on which exact monitors you're looking at.

If any of these are a consideration for you, you might want to pick "more smaller monitors", but I will say that there is a certain coolness factor in the battlestations with gigantic high-resolution screens. It also depends on what will fit on your specific desk - investing in a new desk is an entirely separate ordeal.

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Bernard Notarianni

The portrait mode for code is a brillant idea.
I think it is the way to got for me!