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Discussion on: How Micro Frontends are being Implemented in 2020: A Survey

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Bernhard Wittmann • Edited

Nice detailed analysis šŸ‘šŸ» However, since doing research on micro frontends before myself, I have one question:

How did you ensure to achieve a heterogenous sample so that the sample also includes people that have never heard of micro Frontends or are not interested in? I imagine that mostly people that have some kind of relation to micro frontends answer such a study, so Iā€˜m not sure whether such a study can capture the whole picture.

Keep up the good work. Stuff like this brings the field of microfrontends forward šŸ‘šŸ»

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Florian Rappl Author

Great question. As remarked this study is certainly biased as I was the primary person to not only write the questions, but also to promote it. Thus a larger fraction will have heard about microfrontends beforehand.

Note, however, that the study was not about the adoption in general, rather how they are being used from a technical perspective. Thus having more qualified participants was certainly fine.

For next year my goal would be to find 5-10 interested peers to create a much larger, more detailed, and less biased study.

Any help would be appreciated!