How to Upload an Object into S3-Compatible Tardigrade Bucket

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In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to upload and download an object on Tardigrade. In putting together this video I was really pleasantly surprised at how fast the path really is. I had grander plans of a series with each step in a playlist. But what actually happened is that in < 5 minutes timestamp, I already had steps demonstating account creation, making a bucket, uploading and downloading. Kind of cool. It will take a few minutes longer in real life, but still pretty fast.

For anyone unfamiliar with the platform, it is the enterprise level offering from Storj Labs. Its an S3-compatible, open source, decentralized cloud storage platform. We just offer the storage layer. That means that we're not (for example) Dropbox but a developer COULD build a Dropbox-style solution on top us. Or many other applications too.

For anyone interested in learning more, please join the forum -- linked below. I manage the Community Team, and we love helping and talking with developers

Binaries for Uplink CLI: https://github.com/storj/storj/releas...
Community forum: https://forum.storj.io

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