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I have a burning questions for years, how can I display the beauty of backend services and algorithms, the front end devs got it easy :D


Ah! I actually have professionally worked as a backend engineer but not as a frontend one!


Yes but if I would make a fancy CSS3 portofolio website I am afraid I would give the wrong impression that I like front-end :)) god forbid, for me is a necessary evil, I may be good at it but doesn't mean I like it.

Hahaha!! I love backend too (more than I will ever like front end). I think back end is more logical and harder to showcase, so maybe when showcasing the end product, it's better to accompany it with an article or post. Then the article would need:
1) problems you faced
2) how you solved it
3) relevant code that helped

Another insight here: freelancing.stackexchange.com/ques...

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