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re: Reusability is the primary reason I create functions. Interesting to see a completely different view. How do you deal with such complexity? I mean...

I think you are taking everything I say to an extreme, without a concrete example there are just guidelines.

You can read some open source code and see that re usability is not usually a concern for new functions, most would prefer a WET code than a 200LOC function.

Here are a few random examples:
cleanGlobPath function is a private function just to take the "load" off the Glob public function.
doubleCapacity function is a similar example, it can fit in the addFunction but is better to extract it.

Another reason I forgot about is when you want to protect a functionality to be overridden by an ancestor you can move it to a private function and let the function that can be overridden empty, just a proxy for the private one.

Alright. I understand now. Maybe I'm just too used to weakly typed languages. Thanks for the great examples!

Yes unfortunately in JS there is a preference to use lambda/ functions inside a public function, instead of declaring them outside, mainly because of the lack of language features (private functions ando/or modules support), but hopefully things will change in the next few years.

Anyway I don't normally bring JS in discussions about good/clean code because I haven't found yet a project or library that has one (in my oppinion). Even in large common libraries is custom to have 2-3 nested functions, 100LOC functions (random example Vue, createComponent function does at least 3-4 things, instead of 1), acute lack of defensive programming and other "bad practices".
PS: If you want to have nightmares go trough the NPM source.

I don't think large functions by themselves are really a problem. Large function that do way too many things without any structure or good flow could easily become a problem though.

Also, yeah, that createComponent function is difficult to understand... but maybe because I don't know much about VueJS

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