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That you can have more than a 100% base salary difference doing the same job, depending on if you work at a small startup or one of the large companies.

I think the statement is half true, as in the size of the company is not a causality, but more of a self marketing, laziness/careless and other issues.

I actually read some poll results with thousands of answers and I still did not find something to confirm or deny this. I personally know startup devs that earn way more than most corporate, even with "inferior" languages.

I think most of the times the devs do not know how to sell them, they do not look for new opportunities all the time, accept low pays, and the big companies have preset levels of compensations that level things out.

Most of the corporations are overrated, at least in my country they do not pay (too much) more than an avg company. Also most of the times you are not doing the same job, on startups you work harder and cover more areas, so probably you will work less and earn more in a corporation :))

My statements are for mid-senior web developers.


I think you're giving corporations too much credit. That may be due to differences in location.

Here in (my part of) the US, the big corporations often pay less, because it's what they could get away with, especially through the recession. With the healthy startup economy around here, that's starting to change, but I've got more than a few stories of people who are/were in a big company, got moved around and restructured to the point that moving even to an early-stage startup would result in less work and higher pay. In one extreme, I know a person who had to be replaced by seven people after he left (when the company refused to give him one person to offload some of the work to).

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