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Discussion on: I was a (social) Game Developer for 5 years, Ask Me Anything!

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Adrian B.G. Ask Me Anything

Hey! Welcome to the party.

What are your thoughts on video game addiction (specifically as it relates to the whales and spending tons of money)?

It is a weakness. I think I was an addicted too (on more hard-core games), but I reached a stage where I keep it under control and avoid playing. I think is better than other drugs that are hurting them, and I think the sum of addictions is always the same, if they quit one game or all games they will find something else.

The downside is that I don't see the gaming industry supporting any kind of prevention and support for these rare cases. I never saw an alert "it's been 1h please take a break for your own health" (in social games) or donations to the rehab clinics. I think overall is a tabu topic.

Other problem is that core gamers do not even consider the Social players gamers, even if the whales play and spend more money than the hard-core WoW players. And because the play sessions are usually short (a few minutes) makes it harder to realize that you have an issue.

Or what about paid loot boxes in full price games, etc?

Like any other form of gambling ... pumps your adrenaline, they hide the real chances of winning, and is worst than in a casino because the items are virtual, is a lose-lose situation for the players. With the new regulations across the globe I think the situation got better, but I don't know much about these, my studios did not used this technique, is more popular in Asia.

Some countries decided that they are not gambling, I think is worse, but hey, I'm noone :D

But sometimes, to the consumer, things look shady/immoral.

Sometime they really are, and is the consumer right and moral obligation to report them to the authorities. This is how regulations appear, companies want to make more money and they step over some boundary.