re: Messaging pattern with (statically) enforced order? VIEW POST


This doesn't belong in the message listeners. Depending on language, you might be able to constrain the message SENDER such that some kinds of messages are only sendable in particular states, and instructions to send messages trigger state transitions. But I'm a little leery of that, because the order problem ultimately would have to do with other code rather than the message sender. The only context in which I could see this constraint being useful would be setting things up to crash fast if events were happening outside of the proper order.


I'm honestly not worried about it - there are much fewer test-frameworks than there are listeners. The test-framework should have a test-suite that checks the message order, and the listeners shouldn't need to worry about it at all - they should simply assume the message order is sane. It's not on the interfaces to provide this guarantee, it's on the test-framework.

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