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Salesforce Acquisitions and use

Mechanical Engineer who is learning Code
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2020: Slack: Platform for chatting and work collaboration against traditional Emails conversations.

2019: Tableau: Data handling tool like Excel

2018: Mulesoft: Helps to integrate different application with each other

2016: DemandWare: Cloud Commerce B2C

2013: ExactTarget: One to One Email marketing Software. Pardot was part of Exact Target.

2019: ClickSoftware: Field service management software like it tracks plumber, Computer Technician or couriers capacity, Location, Work they are doing,

2013: Krux (Salesforce DMP): Data Management Platform. Intelligent Marketing Hub to capture, control, and connect consumer data across screens and sources”. In a nut shell collects traffic across devices and channels, analyzes and presents insights.

2016: Quip: Living document platform tool. Like Google Docs.

2012: BuddyMedia: It paired with Social Studio and become part of Marketing Cloud. It is social media marketing platform

2020: Acumen Solution: Business and Technology Consulting firm

2020: Vlocity: Industry specific solutions on salesforce platform. it also controls, regulations, laws etc. taken into consideration when designing the solutions.

2018: Datorama: AI powered marketing intelligence and Analytics platform for Enterprises, agencies and publishers.

2020:Evergage:software that allows users to collect, analyze, and respond to user behavior on their websites and web applications in real-time

2015:SteelBrick LLC:Now Salesforce CPQ (configure, price, quote). For creating accurate pricing/quotation.

2018:CloudCraze Software LLC: Now Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

2016: Coolan Inc:

2016:MetaMind Inc: Artificial Intelligence

2014:Relate IQ: salesforce iQ

2013:IGo Digital: ecommerce

2015:Steel Brick Holdings Inc: Quote to cash application

2016:Hey Wire: messaging channel for service cloud

2019:Diffeo: Intellegence tool collecting data from MS note one, OUtlook etc

2016:CQuotient Assembles data from Transactions, Emails, mobile usage, product detail, etc

2019:Griddable Inc:Makes smart Grid for Enterprise data

2016:BeyondCore Inc:Data Analytics tools

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