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Top 5 Technologies which will have a great impact in 2020

Technologies have their way of doing things. The moment you least expect something coming out of the ordinary is the moment you will be more surprised. These new possibilities of the technologies keep people like me at the edge of the seat. I always think about what the future has in store for the technologies. I am sure we all are in the same boat.

The future is always exciting and there is no question about the concept of digitization that will grow deeper in people’s minds. The technological profession has not been the same in the past decade and will certainly not remain the same in the future as well. With all the new technologies coming up, IT professionals have to learn new techniques to cope up with all technological innovations.

In this article, I will talk about some of the top technologies that have been disrupting the industries in many ways and will be there in the market for quite some time.

1. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial technology has been there in the industry for quite a while now. Today, this technology is being used in every possible way. Wherever there is a machine, there is AI embedded in it. Whether you are using the best mobiles, laptops, high-tech laptops, and smart watch, Artificial intelligence is part of their programs.

You will find that today many computer systems come with embedded AI technology that can perform tasks like image recognition, speech pattern and can make small decisions based on the relevant information.

There are several companies who have seen the future in AI technologies and have already started adapting to the technologies. According to the Microsoft company, the companies who have adopted AI technology have already started to see the positive outcome. Their revenue has increased by 5%.

Due to the pandemic, there was not much progress with the technologies, hence, you can hope to see some new invention in 2021.

2. Internet Of Things
The Internet of things has become one of the most powerful technologies in the past decade. Why do you ask? The reason is simple. The Internet is only mode communication among science, technologies, and people. The Internet of things will soon become one of the major sectors of work in the near future. There is a possibility that it will connect everything with people via internet connections.

For instance, the home appliances that you are using in your home like refrigerators, electric ovens, switches can be connected to you with the help of the internet.

The field of education is also trying to use the IoT to their advantage. The use of technologies and knowledge together can bring out the most efficient ways of learning and can even make learning fun.

3. Automation
Considering the fact that online technologies are getting exposed to a large scale audience. We can not forget about automation technology. Companies are doing research to develop better software programs that can help the user with the automation function.

The possibility that automation technology can be implemented in any field makes things more intriguing. Automation might not be a big deal on a large scale, however, it will surely boost the efficiency of the work.

4. Blockchain
Blockchain technology is a technology that will become a core technology of everything. Though it is still in its experimental phase, it has potential for greater than any technologies in the past decade.

Blockchain technology works on a public ledger principle, that means, with the right implication of the blockchain technology, sharing of the information will become fast and efficient. It also omits all the third parties and intermediaries.

Smart contracts are the product of blockchain technology. In the smart contracts, all the terms and conditions are encrypted with the cryptography and once every condition is met, the contract executes itself.

Having so many advantages with blockchain technology, the demand of the blockchain developer is on the rise in 2020.

5. Voice Technology
We are already aware of the voice technologies that have been in the park. Products like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and others have been the best voice technology we have ever had. However, they have fallen short somewhat to human standards. Yes, they have been useful to some extent, but not to the point that they are used on a regular basis.

Voice commands and voice assistance technology have shown us the future possibility of voice technology. Voice technology is the combination of AI, machine learning, and speech recognition, so, if these technological fields make improvements, voice technology will improve itself.

With that being said now you know what technology burst to expect in 2020. All the technologies that I have mentioned above are the technologies that have affected the most. There are technologies as well that I will talk about later.

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