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Discussion on: Building a sexy, mobile-ready navbar in any web framework

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Ben Holmes • Edited

Thanks so much! But yeah, it's crazy right? Most component libraries just bend <div>s to their will for everything. Buttons and toggle dropdowns come to mind for that.

But to clarify that "no divs in lists" comment: you can definitely use a div when it's nested inside another list item. So this is fine:


However, it becomes a problem if you start using divs alongside other list items. So this would be bad:

  <li><!--my awesome company logo--></li>
  <div class="dropdown-toggle">

This would pose a problem for our dropdown, since we want our logo to be another list item for supposed accessibility, but we can't wrap our other links in a dropdown div. Just scrapping the list entirely fixes that without a11y issues 😁

An alternative may be changing just the dropdown toggle to a ul, but this would exclude our homepage link from our "list" of navigation options. We're really splitting hairs at this point, but given that trade-off and added development overhead, I didn't think it's worth it 🤷‍♀️