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GFTW Hackathon - Our first day developing together

Hi Devs!

Today was our team’s first development day, both @bernardbaker and I are usually super busy during the week and also 8 hours apart due to time zone difference, we finally got some time in our hands this weekend to work together.

We had a quick pair programming session and Bernard taught me how to use SourceTree (which has some pretty cool features!), we also discussed what we wanted our project to look like and started to brainstorm some ideas around.

At first, we were thinking of creating an application that resembled a blog or maybe a website with some dummy text and additional features.

Alt Text

@bernardbaker and I had some back and forth and we decided to pursue another interesting idea, replicating a news website that could show exclusive content once a button was clicked (which would begin charging the user).

Whether the user is showing just headlines and snippets, they have a limited amount of time to review the content and to save and all swipe and read the material which was written by another author.

Each headline's snippet has essentially a paywall and micropayment is taken only after the user chooses to display the exclusive content. The user clicks or taps to get more content, so they're never overcharged and would essentially pay for the information they want to consume. We call this user-generated consumption.

We'll keep working on it as we have time and stay tuned for updates!

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Nice job!

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Bernard Baker