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Coding. Day two.

Today I woke up early to the sound of my fire alarm going off, its battery needs replacing and wouldn't let me rest in peace. However, this was a great opportunity to start the day early, and so I jumped on a Zoom call with @bernardbaker for another day of coding.

Our project is becoming more solid and the goal clearer as we go, we have a few web components ready and adding more functionality over time.

If you're not familiar with our project yet, we are building a news feed application where the user can choose to read certain articles and unlock additional content if he wants to keep reading - and therefore paying only for what he consumes!

@bernardbaker created a <news-article> custom tag that calls the Github API with a Gist ID and then displays the organized information. This is what the result looks like! A small gist I created this morning being fetched and displayed.

Alt Text

Today I've been working on a display grid for all the snippets but struggling a little bit with React, I feel like I need to dive in some course/documentation to get a better understanding of how this framework works.

We still have lots to do, but we're making progress! Here's a code snippet of what I'm currently working on.
Alt Text

Thanks and catch you all tomorrow!

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