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Discussion on: 10 Things Every Software Developer Should Know

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Richard Ikin

Java isn't dead yet. Don't write it off too soon.

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Not sure why you are throwing out visual studio code just because you are on a Mac. I am a full time Mac user and spend about 80% in VSC. Hell I even use it as my primary terminal as I always have it running and it stays out of my way.

And I use it for Java, Go, JavaScript/html/css frontend, JavaScript backend, shell, Json, yaml, XML, markdown... I manage docker with it ..., Interact with my git repos...

And I'm a card carrying anti-microsoft Linux/Mac geek

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Nikola Stojaković • Edited on

Exactly. In my opinion, VS Code, TypeScript and C# are the three best things Microsoft gave us (even though I don't use C# we must agree that it's an amazing language).