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Secret Windows Apps no one is telling you about


The Internet provides lists over lists with recommended apps and software to use. Unfortunately, most of them are copies of each other. In other words, most of the recommended solutions are the same Cacao/Hot Chocolate in a different cup.

This list is different on purpose!

Most of the "default" recommendations are left out, to highlight the real secret apps and solutions that can do the same and often a much better job.

Hope you will benefit from these apps the same way I do. Discover something precious, find a new favourite and replace an existing solution.

Said that a few of the recommendations are paid (Not Free) or have paid options. I'm not doing this for marketing nor am I in any way connected with the companies. These are just very good products I like to use them myself (some for years) and think they are worth their money.

Please leave a comment below should I have missed an app you would recommend - always happy to find new amazing solutions :)


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Notepad++ Plugins

Notepad++ > Plugins > Plugins Admin

  • Compare » Shows the differences between 2 files (side by side)
  • DSpellCheck » Spell-checking
  • Spell-Checker » Spell-checking
  • Explorer » File browser
  • NppMarkdownViewer++ » View, Convert and Export Markdown
  • XBrackets » Brackets autocompletion ([{""}])


  • Ninite » Software Bundler - install various software tools at once
  • Caffeine » Prevent the PC from going to sleep
  • Zoom It » Zoom & Paint on Desktop
  • CoreTemp » PC Temperature monitoring


  • Firefox » Browser from Mozilla Foundation
  • Opera » Browser from Opera Software
  • Vivaldi » Browser from Vivaldi Technologies
  • Brave » Browser from Brave Software,
  • Tor » Browser from Tor Project
  • Chrome » Browser from Google

Browser addons

Some of the Addons might be Browser specific






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