4 reasons to use Aurelia

bigopon on December 04, 2018

I'm a developer who has tried AngularJS, Angular, React, Vue, and Aurelia. So far, Aurelia is the most powerful, elegant, intuitive, and enjoyabl... [Read Full]
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So I wrote a SPA in Aurelia about a year and a half ago and I had some mixed feelings on using it. I watched some talks by Rob Eisenberg and was sold as a better replacement for Angular. I ran into quite a few problems that the docs didn't cover or made confusing which, compounded with Aurelia's infantile ecosystem, made it difficult to work with.

Fortunately all of those are solvable problems, so hopefully all of that is much improved because i want to like Aurelia


Yes, I understand what you mean. It was quite bad in both doc and tooling, which I believe are much better now.


"Since there is no vDOM, adding a third party plugin to your application is a dead simple task"

Can you elaborate? What kind of third party plugins are available to Aurelia that aren't available to vDOM implementations?


I think it should be understood that Aurelia communicates with DOM directly and at the atomic level, thus ensures working with any 3rd party plugin is as simple as possible. 3rd party plugin can be anything: another framework component/plugin etc...


Nothing much to say here other than how much I love Aurelia. I've been working with it since 2015, it's coming up almost four years I've been working with Aurelia and I love it more each and every day.


As a long time developer who used (angular 1.x) and still uses not-too famous tools (knockout),I found aurelia to be a breath of fresh air. IMO it has good balance between readability(angular can be messy) and complexity (not too low level - react). Dare I say I believe this is what angular should have been


I actually used Aurelia back in 2016 on a commercial project(their requirement), although I did like it a lot at first, there where just too many roadblocks and ways of doing things that where not covered in the docs.


2016 was a missed opportunity for Aurelia. Things should have been a lot better. I was around in that time as a newbie and it made me turn to React then Vue too. Not sure what the reason I got back to Aurelia was though.


Hi Bigopon,
Shouldn't timeOfDay be in contacts.js rather than in home.js ;-)… unit testing in the sample should be cool too :-)
Thx for the article !

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