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15 Fun APIs For Your Next Project

Maybe you want to make something cool for the web using some APIs. Maybe you are tired from building all the to-do lists and calculators and want to try something different. Whatever be the case you can use these API and build something creative.

Fun Translations

Translate regular English to 50+ languages from Yoda speak to Dorthraki to Klingon. Some fun stuff with this one, you can build.

This for That

Need a new idea for startup? This for That generates new ideas by supplying two random parameters. You can visit their website here if you just need some new startup ideas.

Chuck Norris Jokes API

If you are a fan of Chuck Norris this one is for you, a free JSON API for hand curated Chuck Norris facts.

Deck of Cards API

This API allows you to simulate a deck of cards. You can build some cool card games without worrying much aboaut the back-end stuff.


Maybe it’s time for you to build your own trivia app.This API provides Jeopardy trivia data including the questions and answers. There are over 156,800 Trivia Questions to choose from.


GIPHY's API makes it dead simple for developers to incorporate GIPHY's vast library right inside of their apps.


OMDb is the API for all the movie information you need. Maybe this is all you need to build somehing cool like letterboxd.

International Space Station API

Ever wondered where the ISS could be right about now? Well, wonder no more. This api returns the current location of the ISS. Now you can build your own ISS tracker.

Tronald Dump

If you want to find the dumbest things Donald Trump has ever said this one is for you.

Advice Slip

Need some advice? Why not create an advice generator? You can use this API to generate a random piece of advice.

Nasa API

Outer space has always been fascinating to humans.Now you can explore more with NASA’s incredible data, including its spectacular imagery through NASA API.

Spotify API

Spotify's web API allows you to query data about music artists, albums, and tracks, directly from the Spotify Data Catalogue.

Recipe API

With over 360k recipes and 90k products, you can build a great food app using this API.


BreweryDB is the most complete database of breweries and beers.

Marvel Comics API

Fan of comics? This API allows you to access information about Marvel's vast library of comics—from what's coming up, to 70 years ago.

You can also check out this github repository for an extensive list of public APIs.

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wobsoriano profile image


Another cool set of APIs

biplov profile image

Yeah, that is an excellent list of APIs! I included links to that at the end of the post.

sahilnare profile image
Sahil Nare

Wow, that's pretty cool. Thanks!

gillarohith profile image
Rohith Gilla

Hey amazing collection, btw there is this API with which you can create memes.

jsifontez profile image
Juan Sifontez

Wow!! Thanks for this Rohith, is Amazing!!

gillarohith profile image
Rohith Gilla


diogomgbrito profile image
Diogo Brito

Nice list!
Also those are quite funny:

liyasthomas profile image
Liyas Thomas

Great collection. Feel free to use open source API testing tool: Hoppscotch to spin up these APIs on-the-go directly from your browser window.

GitHub logo hoppscotch / hoppscotch

👽 Open source API development ecosystem

chachan profile image

best post ever!

meltonlogan615 profile image

I tried out the Marvel API and it doesn't look like it's been updated since 2014. I attempted to contact support and the submit button did not submit. If anyone is able to get it working, I'd sure like to know how.

mddanishyusuf profile image
Mohd Danish

You can get more here.

aungkyawhein profile image
Aung Kyaw Hein


godwinagedah profile image
Godwin Agedah

Heres a movie api
You can checkout my project for inspiration

fwolfst profile image
Felix Wolfsteller

For some of those example (and tons more) you can use Faker ( (if in ruby-land). This saves you the "headache" of HTTP calls.

rhuzaifa profile image
Huzaifa Rasheed • Edited

I actually used the Advice Slip a while back with a combo of Pexel's API. It's a little old and I haven't looked at it much but here is the link anyways.

doougui profile image
Douglas Pinheiro Goulart

The Tronald Dump API is amazing 😃. I'm thinking about coding a similar one about our dear president, Bozonaro. The database will be FILLED with content.

datafiend profile image
Randy L

Very nice list! Now, if I can get my python requests to work...

maureento8888 profile image
Maureen T'O

Wow I didn’t know these existed! Thanks for this post!

victormagarlamov profile image
Victor Magarlamov

Coll stuff! Thanks!

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