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Deploy your Angular app to GitHub pages directly

In this tutorial we’ll see how to host an Angular web application using Github Pages. Let’s get started.

You need to have Node.js, NPM and Angular CLI installed, you also need to generate a new Angular project using Angular CLI.

Step 1: ng new child-demo in Visual Studio IDE terminal

Step 2: cd child-demo

Step 3: command follow step by step

- git init
- git add .
- git commit -m "first commit"
- git remote add origin (git remote add origin<username>/<repositoryname>.git)
- git push -u origin master
- npm install -g angular-cli-ghpages
- ng build --prod --base-href="" (Note: copy all file in dist folder into child-demo project folder and paste(one level up)) ($ ng build --prod --base-href "https://<YOUR_GITHUB_USER-NAME><YOUR_REPO_NAME>/"
- angular-cli-ghpages
- Your project should be available at - https://<username><repositoryname> (Sample example :
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