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So much to learn, so little time.

I had my first take home assessment today. I was told I’d be using JavaScript which was fine with me. They said they needed to know if I could use JavaScript so I could make apps with JourneyApps.

Well, JavaScript was the least of my problems. I had to design an app using JourneyApps to manage a warehouse. It needed to have a database with 60 products, UI and functionality for customers to query and create orders, and UI/ functionality for order pickers to receive the order. I had to implement inventory management (orders had to be at least 5 items and inventory had to be tracked) and create optimal paths for pickers based on what items were in their order.

At first I was intimidated, and then I became determined. Then after getting frustrated and working with it for 8 hours I gave up.

I’m really glad I attempted it though because I learned a lot. I learned more of what is expected of entry level developers. I was definitely not prepared to design and implement a functional app in an evening using an obscure platform as a budding coder.

I’m going to take the concept and implement it in either Python/Django or break down and learn a JavaScript stack and add it to my portfolio. Gotta get my portfolio website fully functional first, though.

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