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Zachary Niehoff
Zachary Niehoff

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My Journey

This is my first post detailing my journey to a career in Software Development!

My most proficient language by far is Python. I love doing everything in Python. I don't know if I am interested in a data science career but I would like to do more with it. I learned the Django framework to expand on my Python knowledge.

I hold two technical certificates in website development and I am able to use HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I am currently taking a class on Javascript to expand my knowledge and am considering learning either MERN or MEAN stacks.

When I start my junior year at Western Governor's University I will be learning C# and .Net development. I've already taken a class on C#/Visual Basic so I'm somewhat aware of the basics.

I will try to do frequent updates as I learn new things. I'm currently working on my portfolio website using HTML/CSS/Boostrap/Javascript/Python/Django/PostgreSQL and I'm really happy with how it's turning out.

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Keep working, you will make it