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Discussion on: I Finished a Web Development Bootcamp. What Now?

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Bernard Kolobara

Great article! The networking part is really important and as @mranthonysutton mentioned, easily overlooked. Hiring managers are taking a risk by giving the job to someone without a CS degree and it's much easier to convince them if they feel a personal connection to you.

Some of the best jobs I got came from random encounters at developer conferences or just talking to people about the stuff I was doing. It's always surprising to me how many cool opportunities appear by accident just by putting yourself out there. As an introvert I have a really hard time talking to people I don't know, but my experience with networking was always positive and in this case it's easier to convince myself just to walk up to someone and say hi.

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Luísa Nogueira Author

Exactly! I am a bit socially awkward with people I just met, but we really need to step out of our comfort zone and go talk to people in events like this. And indeed, people hiring entry-level developers would prefer to invite you for an interview after getting to know you a bit.