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15 : My Front-end Engineering

blanchloe profile image Seonyoung Chloe ・1 min read

What is the definition of front end engineering?

To know how to paint the web browser, every component, layout, color, typography, and understanding the different types of web systems deeply.

The only thing I can coding is HTML, CSS for now, because, I have a huge problem with operating, it was not about mathematical skills.

I think I want to more focus on HTML, CSS and make possibilities first, to understand the web structure and see how I can apply Interaction by JavaScript. I need more hints before I do programming,

Also by doing the new projects, I want to find my confidence back and be more clear how I understand and what I want to do more and finally set the priority.

Because I was not prepared to study front end engineering by myself, and now I think I want to be more ready!


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Ethan Toney

Is front-end engineering a combination of design and development? If so, do we really need all the algorithm challenges that are asked by companies looking for front-end (only) unicorns (dev & design)? Just wondering your opinion.

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Seonyoung Chloe Author

In my opinion, learning algorithms make programmers grow how to structure the code, and the computer requires faster environment as far as I understand!