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Convenient VS Code Extensions

Visual Studio Code is a text editor that comes pre-packaged with some heavy-duty features. It is a totally plausible idea that outside of some language support extensions you may never need to download an extension to have a satisfactory programming experience with VS Code, especially when coming from a bare-bones editor. VS Code has everything you need to be a kick-ass programmer right out of the box.

But did you know you can be an even kick assier dev by doing a bit of research on VS Code extensions? Some of the best ones aren't so easy to find, and there are plenty of things you didn't know you needed until you see them in action elsewhere. Here are some convenient extensions to consider for yourself.

1.Bracket Pair Colorizer by CoenraadS
If you have spent more than 30 seconds writing code at any level, especially JavaScript or PHP, you have undoubtedly lost track of your brackets. This handy little extension will color your matching pairs of brackets to matching colors.

2.Quokka by Wallaby.js
One of VS Code's most convenient built-in features is having a fully functional terminal built in so you don't have to leave the editor to run code. Well, Quokka is an extension that makes it so you don't even have to leave the editor field by running your code automatically as you type.

3.IntelliCode by Microsoft
If you're a fan of VS Code's auto-complete but wish it was more robust, then you'll love IntelliCode by Microsoft. This is practically auto-complete on steroids.

4. Prettier - Code Formatter by Esben Petersen
Formatting your code is absolutely essential for readability purposes. It doesn't matter how functional or perfect your code is if no one can read it because it's not formatted properly. And that's what Prettier is here for! This wonderful little guy helps make the process more automated, so you can spend more time on more important things.

5.Code Spell Checker by Street Side Software
Because auto-correct and spell-check have totally robbed us of our ability to perform words unassisted, we need as many spell-checks as we can handle.

6.Auto Rename Tag by Jun Han
A very minor function with BIG performance boosts. When you go to change an HTML tag, this extension will change the matching tag so all you only have to do it once.
7. CSS Peak by Pranay Prakash
A handy tool when you start dealing with more complex and robust HTML, this tool can be used to view the CSS of a selected HTML element. Very clutch and nifty tool.

The majority of VS Code extensions focus around language support, editor themes, code snippets, production enhancers, and popular use services like Github. VS Code was designed and continues to be enhanced in a way where the user never has to leave the editor to complete their tasks if they so choose. Between all those extensions, finding gems like the ones above can be a bit challenging. Explore the extensions section, do some research and find the ones that work best for you.

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