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Tierney Cyren Author

From what I’ve seen around GitHub shipping features recently, they ship a lot of tiny improvements rapidly and major things methodically.

Considering how much social hype they’re putting into this I doubt it’s something they’re going to want us to forget immediately 🤔

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Ben Halpern

It's probably a good thing, but announcing after market close on Friday is odd.

Here's what I'm thinking now:

GitHub is now owned by a public company, literally the biggest public company in the world, and Microsoft probably has some kind of guideline around when to make certain kinds of announcements and this one falls into the "do it after the market closes on Friday" and the timing is probably more bureaucratic than strategic.

Once they get the marching orders on when to announce, the GitHub folks would want to hype it up as usual. Just a disconnect between the concerns of GH and the mothership, I'd guess.