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Popular React Hook libraries

Brian Neville-O'Neill on October 03, 2019

Written by Raphael Ugwu✏️ The journey of the React ecosystem has really been an interesting one. Since the advent of features like time slicing an... [Read Full]
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I think you used the wrong term in the part about useEffect. It says to pass an empty array, but you're passing an empty object. It might catch someone off guard and scratch their head (which is a good thing, but might not be in this case, hahah)


I think hooks are brilliant and a very natural evolution of react. Components are presentational. So wrapping with HOC's or using render props for sharing non-presentational things always felt wrong. Especially with render props. I've been using nothing but hooks since April and I don't ever want to go back to the old paradigm.


Thanks for sharing this information! I will definitely look at react-hook-form on my next project!

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