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Lesson 0.0: What is JavaScript? JavaScript for Beginners

You've probably heard of JavaScript from a handful of people, and wanted to try it out for yourself. Or maybe you just Googled something like the title of this post and found me over here. Whatever the case, welcome to code! Let's straighten a few things out.

First off, no, we won't have black and green random characters like in the Matrix. Second, this is a step-by-step easy-peasy guide. If everything sounds too simple, try not to skip it. It'll prove invaluable in the end. Lastly, if you ever get critisized, remember that you're still learning and that with a lot of determination you could one day be better than everybody else.

Alright, now that all of that psychology is over, welcome to the club! Next lesson, we'll start talking about what JavaScript is and what we can do with it. Stay tuned!

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