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You don't need to f' by the way, vim will seek out the first '' pair travelling down the line. So ci'MAN is enough ✌️


Wooooooooot!!!! This is EPIC! I. Did. Not. Know. This. And if I knew it at some point in my life I had completely forgotten about it! Thank you for leaving a comment! :D 🙌


I've updated the article to add a note on that :D Thank you! It looks like this behavior only applies to the quotes text object and not the others though.

Yup, I'm not really bothered by it because the awesome targets plugin extends that behavior to the rest of the text pairs as well as arbitrary separators: , . ; : + - = ~ _ * # / | \ & $. That's such a sane default, I wish it was in vim to begin with!

Oooooh that's so gooooood! Indeed that feels like it should be the default behavior. I had started a thread in my brain thinking about how I could implement that behavior for the rest of the operators but it is awesome there's already a plugin that does that! Thank you for sharing!!!! :D

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