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Discussion on: Make a Custom Pipe Desk Mount 📐💻

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John G

was hoping you'd say this. ok, time to go pipe shopping :)

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Cassie Breviu Author

Please post a pic when you are done! I would love to see it. :) Oh, and ask questions if you run into any issues. Here are some additional things to note:

  • I had fun trying to get mine level. Having a clamp and workshop table helps to tighten and level each leg of the mount.
  • The laptop vesa mount I took apart and had to reposition to get my laptop at the angle I wanted.
  • The vesa mount says for >1inch pipes but they work on the 3/4s pipes.
  • The pipes are greased so def wash them very well.

Most of the other details I will add later are more obvious if you have spent a little time woodworking/building. I need to add some of these details to the blog post still!