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React Hooks: Initial State of Object Pitfall

Recently I ran into an issue with React Hooks where an API call was failing because the steps I needed to complete were encountering some unintended consequences.

I wanted an object to represent a series of steps that needed to be completed one-at-a-time.

const [stepComplete, setStepComplete] = useState({ 
     stepOne: false,
     stepTwo: false,
     stepThree: false,
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The issue occurred with the way that I was setting the step. I needed to everything the same except for the step I was editing. I had to search around for some time and follow some trial-by-error until I figured out what to do. These were all fruitless approaches:

//Doesn't update the whole object and so no re-render!
setStepComplete(stepOne: true),
//This deleted the rest of the Object!
setStepComplete(...setStepComplete, stepOne: true)
Eventually I thought to destructure the object through the use of an arrow function:

setStepComplete(state => ({...state, stepOne: true}));
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And voila! My code was working perfectly!

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