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πŸŽ„ Writing your Advent Blog Posts with GatsbyJS

The Advent has officially began and it's time for some advent blog posts.

I made a GatsbyJS theme to help you get started on the #Trend.




npm i @agney/gatsby-theme-advent

# OR #

yarn add @agney/gatsby-theme-advent

You can start using it by adding it to the gatsby-config.js file:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `@agney/gatsby-theme-advent`,
      options: {
        contentPath: "src/content",
        assetPath: "src/assets",
        basePath: "/december", // Tell the theme which URL to render the theme at.

The contentPath defines where your markdown files are hosted, there has to be at least a markdown file when you get started.

Markdown files with following frontmatter are supported:

title: "This is the first advent gift"
date: "2019-12-01T22:12:03.284Z"
published: true

The assetPath refers to the path to directory where the theme can pick up the cover image from. Currently, you can add an image named cover.jpg at this directory and it will be passed through gatsby-plugin-sharp and appear as your cover image.

The basePath is the path to render the advent page on. You can use "" or leave it out to have it render on the main page.

Have Fun πŸŽ„

Feel free to raise an issue or contribute.

Do add a comment if you are participating in the #DevAdvent Blogging πŸ’–

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