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Me too! Those networks are free-for-alls and it's all about first touch points. I remember back in the day there was a project on UpWork (from a developer) who wanted to build a bot to auto-bid on new projects (facepalm)

Back to TopTal, it's a much better experience from the talent (engineer) side. I set my availability and TopTal recruiters (who are full time employees) work to match my skillset to open positions. It's a mix of pro-active (I submit a request to learn more about a job posting) and re-active (recruiter actively reaches out to me about a job posting).


Haha, that's funny!! Yes, so you know exactly!
I almost gave up the idea of freelancing after that fiasco.

So, that approach sounds a lot better.
Do you build a relationship with 'your' recruiter or is it a team that helps you?

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