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re: Out of curiosity, which have you read? I have only read Rework. I started Phoenix Project, then got caught up in other endeavors and meant to come ...

I used to try to be "efficient" in this manner when reading, Mark, but I've since given up and now I just read, every day, and everything that anyone I trust or admire recommends. I typically try to buy the hard bound version and then I just trust that a) I won't remember all of the lessons in first or even the second read and b) I can re-read the book when something I read later triggers me to revisit the subject. Since I may not get around to that for some time, I like having the physical copy as a durable reminder to pick it up and revisit.

This is great advice. I cannot say I frequently re-read my books, but when something "triggers me to revisit" a passage, I can ground the material in an experience in my own work/life, which helps me to internalize the lesson.

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