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Discussion on: React routing in production

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Bradston Henry

Hi Mackelele. So I totally have run into this issue before.

So without seeing you project structure or your code, I'll try and give guidance.

The big thing to note is that using React (from my experience and research on this topic), navigation is not exactly similar to standard web routing we are probably used to.

Browser Navigation from page to page has to be initiated from within the application itself once built and hosted on a server.

This stackoverflow answer does a GREAT job of explaining what's happening and the issues with React Navigation (and solutions):

I'll share some of my code so you can kind of see how I manage navigation. Hopefully it's helpful. I manually use the command this.props.history.push() to manage navigation.

If you go to my src -> pages folder, you will see a file called "JellyBeanHome.js". In the file, there is a function called*startGame()* and that's where you'll see an instance of navigation. My App.JS file looks very similar to yours so hopefully It'll all make sense.

My React code:

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