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Discussion on: Am I an expert developer or just an expert googler?

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A big thing I've noticed often is developers seeking answers for the wrong problems.

Its one thing to fix the problem, its another to understand it. Its very easy to jump to conclusions and cut corners by using assumptions for what is actually is wrong.

We've all been there, where we are lost when something isn't working, and we spend tons of time trying to fix it, only to find it was something simple and dumb.

You can have strong "google-fu", but your looking in the wrong area, and or your original assumptions are wrong, you will just waste your time.

Understand the problem, really understand it, verify you understand it, and then and only then attempt to fix it.

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Davide de Paolis Author

ABSOLUTELY. in fact with knowing how to google i dont mean all the tricks to speed up the search or restrict it to specific timeranges or websites ( skill that is also very useful).

I really meant Search and Find the right stuff.
Before searching, investigate the issue, understand the problem, find ways to phrase and rephrase your question.
After searching, skim and scan and connect the pieces of the puzzle to understand the solution.