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re: Good. Now never use singletons in your code. :D

I don't like "never." What would you use in a client-side Blazor application for keeping up with app state if not a singleton service? Which then, by the way, still has to be injected.


I'm actually super happy you brought this up. You're referring to services.AddSingleton<T>, yes? I argue that this method is misnamed. I think it should be renamed to AddShared or something like that. When you inject an object in this manner, it's merely instructing the framework to reuse a single instance. It doesn't suddenly bestow all the qualities of a singleton upon that class. I can still voluntarily create another instance somewhere. The constructor is not locked down per the singleton design pattern.

(Oh you said client-side Blazor. I've not made one of those. Regardless, you don't need a true singleton.)

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