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Charge, an opinionated, zero-config static site generator

Brandon Weiss
Product Engineer at @GhostInspector. Previously at @Intercom. Open-sourcerer and surfer. Sun and salt.
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Charge is an opinionated, zero-config static site generator written in JavaScript. It supports a wide variety of common uses and it does it without needing to be configured or customized. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it works the way you probably expect it to. That’s it.


Yeah, I know, another static site generator. Let me be clear, I really did not want to make a static site generator. It’s really the very last thing I wanted to do.

I went on StaticGen and looked at every JavaScript-based one. I could not find a single one that I thought was simple, well-documented, had the features I needed, was actively maintained, and was designed and worked the way I wanted. So here I am, making a static site generator.


  • Zero configuration
  • Templating via JSX and MDX
  • React renders server-side, not client-side
  • Write futuristic JavaScript with Babel
  • Write futuristic CSS with PostCSS
  • Live-reloading development server
  • Rebuilds the minimum files necessary
  • Dynamic pages (coming soon)
  • Stellar documentation ✨


You can find the Charge documentation on the website.

Let me know what you think!

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