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Aversion, upgrade projects that are using old language versions

Aversion helps you manage language versions by looking at which language versions your projects use, which you have installed, and then tells you which you need to install and which you can uninstall. It also gives you an overview of every project and what language version each one is using to make upgrading them easier.


Language version managers are great at easily installing new language versions. You can see what language versions you have installed but they don’t know anything about your projects or which language versions each project is using.

Upgrading the versions of a language your projects use happens unevenly. Over time you wind up with a bunch of projects each using a different, possibly outdated language version and a bunch of even older language versions that no project is using and could be uninstalled.

Figuring out which projects are on old language versions and need to be upgraded and which language versions can be uninstalled is tedious, and the more projects you have the more tedious it is.

Aversion is the bridge between your language version managers and your projects.

In this example 11.0.0 is in use by a project but not installed, so you know to install it, and 11.1.0 is not in use by any project, so you know to uninstall it.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

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