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Web Components

Web Components are utilized primarily as a way to save time and enable developers to use pre-written code and incorporating it into their webpages. The implications of this allows consistency across platforms and gives the ability for developers to follow a theme throughout their webpages. The most common method for analyzing web components would be to right click on a webpage and click "inspect", which will essentially show some of the building blocks of the page.

Web Components are primarily divided up into Custom Elements, Shadow DOM, HTML Templates, and ES Modules. Web components can be difficult to identify, but there are notable pieces of information that can be used to determine where the web component is from or leads to. For example, when inspecting youtube web components, all lines begin with "yt" followed by the actual web component phrasing. However, not all web components can be as easily identified, sometimes websites have their components hidden to prevent such copying, namely (understandably) in many government websites.

Web Components are a wonderful piece of knowledge to become accustomed to, and businesses could certainly benefit by adding them to their webpages. With consistent theming and efficient web components, a business can very quickly express themselves in a professional manner and display the kind of user friendliness that would come off nicely for customers.

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