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How to watch Apple’s 2019 iPhone event live

Brenton House
Vice President for Digital Evangelism @ Software AG with 25+ years in API and Integration community.
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New year! New devices! And all new ways of watching the Apple Event!

Apple 2019 Special Event

It’s that time of the year again when Apple announces a lot of their new devices for the year. If the rumors are true, this might not be the most exciting of years as a lot of the cool features seem to be pushed off yet another year to 2020. (Touch ID, USB-C, etc). We may be surprised though…

Don’t forget to watch a special edition of Breaking the Build covering the Apple Event and why you might care about it as a developer! — September 11, 2019–10 AM PST / 12 PM CST / 1 PM EST / 5 PM GMT

Ok, How do I watch the event live this year?

Here are some of your options:


This is the first time that Apple will be streaming the event on YouTube via the official Apple YouTube Channel.

Office Apple Site

Watch the event on your Mac (Apple Safari browser) or PC (Microsoft Edge browser)

Apple Events - Apple Special Events

Apple TV

Watch the event on your Apple TV


Well, technically, you can’t watch it on Twitter but if you view and like this tweet, Apple will send you a reminder of the event before it begins.

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Apple Store

Yes, some Apple stores will be streaming the event live:

Today at Apple - Apple Special Event - Apple

Post-Event Keynotes on iTunes

Watch the Keynote presentations on iTunes after the event has completed.

Apple Keynotes

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