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re: Nicely done! I've been using "unstable" for a while now, just due to my sheer love of Redis (this is their main branch name) - - - AND the fact tha...

This is confusing since to me "master" = "release" branch and the unstable branch is "develop". Of course I have about 20 repos and like 18 of them have no develop branch. So changing "master" to "unstable" and having no releases is more accurate for me! Using unstable would be a warning to everyone.


I think I'm going to name mine 'disturbed' and let THAT be a warning to everyone. 🤣


Yeah I think Redis specifically likes to just discourage people treating their default branch as the source of truth. So I think that can be helpful in some legitimate measure. I've worked on teams where it's like, "master is sacred". Also valid, just depends on the local attitude

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