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Discussion on: What tech did you use to build your personal website/portfolio? 2020 Edition!

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Brian Caffey • Edited

I didn't answer last year, but at that time I was hosting on GitHub Pages and building the site with Jekyll. This year I moved my site from Jekyll to Nuxt.js using their static site generator mode and @nuxtjs/content git-based headless CMS. In switching to Nuxt.js I also learned TailwindCSS which has been fun to learn and use.

I also added Drift to my site and have been having interesting conversations with people who reply to my automated welcome message. I kept Disqus for comments, but instead of loading the Disqus widget automatically, I only load it when a visitor clicks on a "Show Disqus Comments" button at the end of an article with comments.

Some other integrations are MailChimp for a custom newsletter signup form that I have been using to slowly grow an audience and which I use for a simple contact form.

Google Analytics and Search console for learning about users behavior on my site, what articles are popular and what users were searching for to arrive at my site.